Break The Barrier - 21st Century Skills Year Long Intervention

Break The Barrier - 21st Century Skills Year Long Intervention

Break The Barrier - 21st Century Skills Year Long Intervention
Per Year Per Client

For education institution & corporate houses:

Break-The-Barrier (soft skills structured program) for students (grade 9th - PG students) & for corporate professionals (Blue Collar - Senior management level). 

Includes identifying, creating & consolidating a structured process, which will create a culture of English speaking & understanding the relevance of life skills resulting in building the confidence, resilience character, overall attitude based on one's operating strength.

During this BTB intervention, the paradigm involves Facilitator-Led-Discussions, Role Plays, Theatrical Tools, Games, Simulations, Audio Visuals, Self Assessments, Process Labs, Group Activities, Competitions, Case Studies (Customized & Generic), Activity based marathons, Competency building training workshops, Recognition, Celebrations…in short impacting behaviors and creating sustainable learning. There is a structure in place which leads individuals in creating a natural progression
from mindset to skill set.

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